The stories we tell ourselves

I’ve recently taken part in a storytelling workshop organized by Crossing Borders, in Copenhagen. The two days were full of emotion, laughter, and interesting stories.

Weeks later, one major theme is still stuck in my head: the stories we tell ourselves! Lori Webb, the facilitator of the workshop, gave a good example: if you tell yourself over and over again that you are bad with names, you’ll end up putting less effort into remembering names. All based on your belief that you can’t help it, you’re just bad with names! Continue reading The stories we tell ourselves

6 tips on how to deal with perfectionist tendencies

The irony: I started writing this post about my big breakthrough with perfectionism and I spent 20 minutes writing and deleting the first line of text. At least I’m self-aware!

For me 2017 sucked. Big time! But it’s over noooow.

However, when things suck, and you want to make them stop you have to do something! My something was that I started analyzing my thoughts and actions. It turns out I have some perfectionist tendencies, which I wasn’t aware of at the time. Why? Because, and here comes my big breakthrough, I thought perfectionism equals being perfect. How foolish of me!

I’m such a perfectionist that I don’t think I’m perfect enough to label myself one. (excerpt from my journal, 15.09.2017)

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Imagine Dragons in Copenhagen

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Săptămâna trecută a fost vacanța de toamnă în Danemarca, iar eu și Mircea am tras o fugă de câteva zile în Copenhaga la sora mea. Ne-am luat și libertatea de a ne lungi vacanța cu vreo 2 zile pentru că Imagine Dragons aveau concert.

Nu ne-am dus prin Copenhaga 100% turiști pentru că data trecută când am fost am văzut o parte din cele mai importante atracții: micuța sirenă (care chiar îi mică) și green light district din Christiania. Și în plus, acum că locuim în Danemarca capitala îi un loc ușor accesibil, motiv pentru care am luat-o chill. Continue reading Imagine Dragons in Copenhagen